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Let’s hear it for the 1980s…

Ooh, I am most grateful to Sticky Fingers’ Tara this week, because I’ve been a bit slack on the blog front lately, and I needed something fluffy and fun to inspire me back to the helm of the old dashboard again. Her 80s themed gallery is just the thing, I think: it’s had me chuckling away and nodding in nostalgic recognition of all the highs and lows that defined the decade for me.

So here we go, here’s a shot from the pubescent days of the early eighties. I don’t think my dear friend Sarah will mind me posting this picture of us both here, even though this was in the days before her mum let her grow her lovely curly hair long, and made her wear hand knitted jumpers with ponies on the front. I’ll say nothing about my own basin cut and strange pinafore/anorak combo – it speaks for itself I think. But how sweet and innocent we look. And rather delightfully, she is still a good friend to this day.

I’m bored of ponies and swing-ball now. Shall we start snogging boys and drinking illegally?

Okay, well, let’s scroll on a few years to, I dunno, 1984 I guess, and a point at which I’d discovered eyeliner, hair gel, and – somewhat unfathomably – oversized old men’s coats from charity shops. I clearly remember wearing this garment without any irony whatsoever – and no apparent problem with the whiff of senior-citizen’s-armpit that emanated from it. Weird.

What do you mean, that coat is 14 sizes too big? I’ll have you know I had to mug a pensioner for it…

I think this one’s from a similar time. Not sure how old I am in it – although, not old enough to be smoking that mahoosive doobie I’m holding, I’ll wager.

Smoking this is the only thing that gets me through a whole Dire Straits album…

Here I am sitting astride my first boyfriend Gavin’s Lambretta, circa 1986. He used to drive to my house every single evening during our two year relationship – and thanks to the noisy chug-chug of his scooter, I knew he was coming from at least a mile away.

Not really a mod. Just wish I was.

Finally, if you were wondering about the featured image, I can tell you that it’s me and another dear friend, Alison (yep – still very much in touch) in Corfu in 1987, the summer after we’d finished our A levels. In spite of being expressly warned by our mums not to hire a moped, we hired a moped. Pretty sure we did a host of other things they warned us not to, as well.

At the time it felt like a decade of uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and floundering. In retrospect, it looks pretty good….

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  1. So much of this – no all of this was my 80′s.
    I had one of those coats!!! I brought from Camden Market – I thought it was so cool and yes it was bloody huge.
    Holiday in Greece hiring scooters – yup!

  2. Brill pictures. And I can sympathise with the bowl cuts and pinafores. They plagued me for most of my childhood!

  3. AndyD

    That scooter pic is just so damn cool! haha, love it :)


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