Lils n Inks Sunset for childhood


I’m posting this picture because it sums up a lovely moment in my daughters’ wonderfully privileged, carefree childhood.

So many children around the world don’t share their good fortune.

My blogging colleague Merry at Patch of Puddles tells me that the charity WorldVision, which aims to fund long term projects to rescue lost childhoods in West Africa and elsewhere in the world, has until 30th August to make the most of their matched funding from DFID. In other words, every £1 donated during this time will be doubled by the government.

If you’d like to help them make the most of this opportunity, it’s easy to donate online:


Meanwhile, as this is a bloghop, I’m going to tag two bloggers who I’ve recently ‘met’, in the hope that they’ll be happy to join in and help spread the word:

Mark at The Adventures of Sonny and Luca


Louise at A Strong Coffee

Here’s the link to Merry’s post, guys, so you can see what I’m talking about:


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  1. What a fantastic photo! Thank you for your support and taking part – we’ve added it to our Lost Childhood photo wall (

    It’s so important to highlight how childhood should be – carefree like in your picture – so that we can show how we must protect it long term for the 4 million children affected by the food crisis in West Africa. Thank you!

  2. Absolutely stunning photo – and great cause to highlight. I’ll be writing my post about childhood this week, this picture has really inspired me. Thank you! x

  3. Beautiful photo, and a great cause to highlight. Thanks so much for selecting me as one of your 10 blogs!

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