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I have created a document which will allow us to chart pocket money payments on a weekly basis, as I know these have been erratic until now.

The new charts are displayed in a prominent position on the fridge.

Pocket money rates have been increased as of 2013 and now stand as follows:

  • MISS P ELDER           £2.50 p/w
  • MISS P YOUNGER   £2.00 p/w

You may save or spend your pocket money as you wish but sweet purchases must be approved in advance by me. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR POCKET MONEY IS CAREFULLY STORED IN YOUR MONEY BOXES – IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY NOT TO LOSE IT.

You will receive your pocket money every Sunday morning, once I am satisfied that:

  • You have completed all your rabbit duties for the week. This INCLUDES feeding them, changing their water, and helping Nana to clean out the hutch on alternate Saturdays (see the rota). Please note their revised dietary schedule in accordance with recent advice from the Weight Watchers coordinator at the veterinary surgery.
  • You have done the chores required of you in the week prior to payment. These include setting the table and clearing the table daily, putting all laundry away, and one other weekly task which could include polishing, washing the car, or cleaning the bath and sink.
  • Your bedroom is tidy. By my standards, not yours. This means: all clothes put away or in the laundry basket; floors clear; beds made; and desks tidy.


I would be most grateful for your co-operation in these matters. Please see me if you have any questions.


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  1. John O

    Inspired as ever! Just two additions;
    1. You haven’t included somwhere for them to sign saying they have received and understood the policy
    2. I didn’t see anywhere what rate of Dad Tax would be applied to this income.

    J x

    • Ah, well no, I didn’t think I had any hope of getting a signature, from the eldest at least. She’s too canny with the small print you see. First thing she said was, ‘What exactly do you MEAN, set the table daily?’ As for Dad Tax, it’s deducted at source! Thankin’ you kindly for swinging by. x

  2. Grandma (the other one)

    The best of luck, Hollie!

    I remember a point where our daughter, your lovely sister-in-law, had to present her account in writing at a fairly young age, because our ability to manage our joint finances was so pathetic. Oh the shame!!
    Good to avoid that embarrassment if you can,so I hope it works. X X

    • Yes that sounds like my sis-in-law, an eminently sensible person who I’m sure had her head screwed on from a tender age. Of course I don’t REALLY think my efforts to administrate this new system will come to much, but you can’t blame me for trying! And thankin’ you for swinging by to comment, my dear MIL! ;) x

  3. Brilliant. Would you mind me cribbing this?


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