Co-written with Hilary Pereira, this Netmums book will see you through the nerve-wracking experience of preparing your child for, and then letting them loose in, the education system.

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Here’s an excerpt from the book

Hang around a school or a teacher for long enough, and you’re likely to hear the buzz-phrase ‘parents as partners’. It’s considered a crucial element of one the Early Years Foundation Stage’s four major themes – positive relationships – and it refers to the idea that, when it comes to early years education, it’s a combination of teachers and parents working together that gives a child the best chance of doing well at school.

Your child’s teacher is likely to be very well tuned into this theory – hence, they’ll consider your views and input important, and equally, will want to keep you well informed, through a variety of means, as to your child’s progress, or indeed, any issues that need addressing.

What that means, more than anything, is that good communication between home and school is vital. Teaching staff will always be (or should always be) happy to hear your concerns and will appreciate any positive input you have to make. There are some things they won’t appreciate, however: pushiness or downright interference in the way in which they teach and organise the children, being one of them (after all, they’re the experts). Bad timing is also a bugbear: the last thing teachers want is to be nabbed by a parent at the beginning of the school day, just when they are busy preparing the classroom for the day’s lessons, getting the children into class and registration.

So wait until after school if you want to talk to them, and better still, make a call or send an email or short note requesting a bit of their time, either direct or via the school secretary. Bear in mind that different schools are likely to have different approaches to this: some are happy for a fairly informal approach, with parents welcome to wander in off the cuff to have their say, while others will prefer you to go through a certain procedure. 


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