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In which we review Guinea Pigs Online

Now look, there’s nowt wrong with a little bit of nepotism once in a while and in the spirit of that, I would like to warmly recommend to you a new children’s book called Guinea Pigs Online: a very funny, slightly whacky tale of small pets in a digital world.

It’s written by children’s authors Jennifer Gray and Amanda Swift, with delightful illustrations by Sarah Horne and, oh alright then, if you must know, Amanda is my paternal cousin so I’m slightly biased BUT nevertheless, I really do think it’s a delightful read for kids aged 5+.

The Misses P (aged ten and eight) both gobbled it up with much joy, with the younger declaring it worth ‘ten stars’ and the elder reporting it was ‘completely crazy – but in a good way’.

Brief plot precis here for you, courtesy of my daughters:

There were two guinea pigs called Fuzzy and Coco. They lived together in a hutch their owners with Henrietta and Ben. Henrietta’s guinea pig was Coco, and Ben’s guinea pig was Fuzzy. What happened was Coco lived with the Queen. One day she put Coco in the wrong handbag and it turned out to be Henrietta’s handbag and then Ben was found scrunched up in a hutch and Ben and Henrietta didn’t know each other though. Ben took Fuzzy to the vets and because Henrietta worked there they saw each other and fell in love. and they then got married. One day Fuzzy sees in the newspaper that Scarlett Cleaver, a famous television cook, is looking for Guinea Pigs to eat them, but he gets the wrong idea and thinks it’s to test people. Fuzzy goes on the computer to get the address and runs away. Coco gets help from her friend Banoffee who lives next door who gets her son Terry to help Coco get the address. But then Coco gets an email from a mysterious person asking to meet up with her, turns out it’s a fox but Eduardo another guinea pig saves her and helps her get to the Meat Cleaver which is Scarlet’s new restaurant and when they get there they find out the Queen is coming.  Then they rescue all the guinea pigs – who are captured in glass cages, including Fuzzy. But then Coco gets caught and Scarlett plans to dish her up to the Queen – raw and alive! She serves her up under a silver tray and the Queen recognises Coco and together they work out how Coco got into the handbag in the first place. Coco and Fuzzy go home they get taken by the Queen on a little velvet cushion and Coco plays the harp. And they live happily ever after.

Hmm, ok, well, not that brief really. But still, not too many plot spoilers I hope.

There’s a second book in the series coming out in January, apparently, so there’s further adventures to look forward to. Swing by the book’s Amazon page if you would like to purchase a copy, do.

Squeak squeak!

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