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Summer holiday survival….please link up if you’ve got a post!

Ah, so the summer holidays are almost upon us.

Like most parents who spend term time running around like a blue-arsed fly trying to remember to ensure both delivery to and collection from school at the requisite times daily, as well as attending to all the necessary related admin (involving as it does packed lunches, dirty PE kit, missing Brownie trousers, piano practice, the beyond-tedious exploits of Biff, Chip and Kipper, unfathomable homework challenges, and the filling in of 486, 000 slips, forms and cheques), I am keenly looking forward to a break from the exhausting norm.

On the other hand


Yep. It’s school holiday survival time. I wrote a light-hearted post about it last year, and since most kids are breaking up at the end of this week, I thought I’d dig it out again.

This it it, here.

Then I thought, heck, perhaps other people have written similar posts, or plan to this week. Or maybe instead of joking about it they’ve actually come up with something useful about how to get through the summer holidays, with ideas for things to do, and stuff.

Maybe, I began to reason, rather excitedly, just maybe this could be the start of my very first linky?

Well anyway, what’s to lose?

Please add your link to the comments below!



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  1. My little one is not at school yet but I have written a post about our plans for the summer and happy to link up

  2. We run arts, crafts, food fun and messy play groups on Mondays and Tuesdays. We use the pre school area in Mary Bassett which is a lovely space with a large indoor area and outdoor space too which some of is under cover (well needed with the current “summer” we find ourselves in). Our activitites change on a weekly basis and we cover things like….sandwich art, hot rod cars, potato printing, dream catchers, spaghetti and bugs, icing biscuits, fruit kebabs, spaghetti painting, making bowls and LOADS LOADS more. You can see full information on the facebook site or email or call for more information. Emily on 07983515126.

  3. Loved the original post – nicely flippant and precisely what I needed to hear! I am so looking forward to time off from Biff, Chipper Kipp et al! My post is rather sensible, I’m afraid, but it is at least cheap!

    • Ooh what lovely outdoor ideas, Actually! We did let them sleep in a tent in the garden last year with friends but they all ended up back inside before the night was over! Maybe we’ll try again this year….Thank you for adding. x

  4. We’ve just started a business networking group up for parents running small businesses with little ones at home. Our blog last week was on how survive the holidays juggling work and children. Whether we’ll take any of our own advice remains to be seen…

    • Ooh, thank you for that – some great tips on coping if you’re also working, which of course a great many of us will be! I hope you get to relax at some point and soak up a bit of time with the family! H

  5. Here are two posts I’ve written so far… and and I’ll be adding more posts about what we get up to over the holidays…

    Mums running a business from home might also find this one useful:

    Hope this helps

  6. is what I wrote when I went home to visit my parents one half term, two kids in tow. It’s a strange dynamic, being a parent and a child both at the same time, in the house where you grow up. Hope it might be helpful for other mums!

    We’re planning our holidays together so who knows how that’ll work out ;)

    Plus I talked about it on an audioboo We’re taking it slowly

  8. I have co written a n ebook for the summer hiolidays full of ideas for frugal fun. Check out how to mkae Olympic Ring bagels amidst over 90 other ideas

  9. I have just written a summer holidays post, with the last day of term being today and those 6 weeks stretching out in front of me! Who is dreading it and who is excited by it?!

  10. Here’s my post on why I vote staycation, including a free downloadable “Survival Guide” to fill in!

    Thanks for inviting me :-)

  11. I hear you ! The idea of surviving six weeks fills me with fear so I wrote a post about surviving on a budget

  12. Here’s my summer holiday fun post about seeing the silver lining of not going on holiday and spending time with the kids at home. (I’m only a few days in; may be singing a very different tune in five weeks!)

    And, if the weather should turn again, this one could come in useful, too:

    Now, have some work to do, but I’m going to bookmark this post and come back and read all the others!

  13. I’ve posted a round up of all the best competitions to keep kids busy over Summer – even better, they might even win prizes! :)

    Hope you enjoy the holidays!

  14. Although both my boys are pre-school age we’ve spent the last few months filling our days with cheap activities, here is a small selection…

    1) Pets At Home was our free alternative to the zoo…

    2) We love baking cakes…

    3) As a birthday present the boys had our back yard ‘pimped’…

    Not sure how helpful these are but

  15. Great idea for a link up Hollie. I have two posts for you – this one is from my nine year old son’s blog and are his ideas for what to do in the summer holidays:

    and this is me basically whinging about the challenge of working from home over the summer holidays: I’m sure I’ll be whinging a lot more by the start of September.

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