Sex four weeks after birth? Leave it out, Gina

Sorry, but this really is going to have to be said. Gina Ford, what the FECK are you talking about woman, with your four-to-six-weeks-after-birth-is-a-good-time-for-new-parents-to-have sex nonsense?

Lady, you can sue me over this if you like, but let me tell you that MOST WOMEN ARE STILL NOT READY TO HAVE SEX FOUR TO SIX WEEKS AFTER HAVING A BABY. They are not looking for conjugal satisfaction because they are still wandering around their homes gibbering from the physical and mental shock of birth, scar tissue yet to cease throbbing, semi-comatose from lack of sleep. Their knackered, wobbly bodies have more spare tyres than Kwik-Fit, their tits are usually being sucked on by another more demanding consumer right now, and like as not, they have piles playing havoc in their jacksy. In short, most women do not feel very much like having sex four weeks or so after giving birth.

Which, of course, you would know, if you had.