And Mother makes five….

This is my mum. In her heyday. She is MUCH, MUCH older than this now.

Inspired by this interesting post from Nickie at Typecast and the news story on which she based it, I felt compelled to blog a little about our very own Über-nana: my mum, Tricia. Seven years ago, we built an extension on the side of our house and permanently installed the old girl in it – an arrangement we’ve (almost never) regretted. My mother is 77, but she’s built like a whippet and strong as an ox. And she’s pretty much devoted her life since to helping us with childcare and babysitting, housework, laundry, gardening, dressmaking, DIY (the woman knows her way around a Black & Decker alright), and countless, countless other acts of domestic minutiae.

Her end of the deal is that she’s rent and bills-free, and – divorced singleton that she is – has company for life. (And yes, there’ll be no going back – there’s nowhere else for her to go now, if she wanted to. It’s a done deal.)

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Welcome, welcome, one and all!

So. Here I am. Blogging. Been putting it off for a number of years now, but t’would seem I just can’t avoid it anymore. The world and their guinea pig are doing it. Time to enter the fray.

What to blog about? My life, or my work? There’s some conflict of interest between the two, I must confess. See, in my work, I am the proud author of seven (soon to be eight) non-fiction books. They cover different subjects, but the basic theme is kids: bearing ‘em, having ‘em, and raising ‘em.

Then there’s my life. The basic theme of that is kids, too. But here’s the thing. In spite of the wealth of child-rearing theory I’ve absorbed in the last few years, I remain constantly, utterly nonplussed by the reality. Every day, I stand sweating and clueless at the coalface of parenting, trying desperately to keep control of my life without losing my mind. My daughters – I’m going to call them Miss P the elder and Miss P the younger, partly to preserve their privacy and partly to avoid them bringing a lawsuit against me – are wonderful little human beings, don’t get me wrong. But sweet baby Jesus, they like to throw down a challenge.

To that end, then, I hereby launch my blog, which will be about both: work, and life. May God bless her and all who sail in her.

That's me, that is.

Pic by the fab Farzana of SF Digital